“We’re working with young entrepreneurs who don’t have a lot of resources. The funding from Central City Foundation helps us create a risk-free environment for them.”

– Gilad Babchuk, Director of Groundswell

How to Apply for a Grant

Central City Foundation welcomes applications for grant funding from organizations who are dedicated to helping our neighbours in need in Vancouver’s inner city.

We invest in promising programs that offer innovative solutions to the seemingly intractable problems faced by our neighbours: homelessness and a lack of affordable housing; poverty, food security and access to nutritious food; mental and physical health challenges; addiction; and more.

Does that sound like your organization? Read more about our funding criteria, and check out where we’re making an impact in the inner city.


General Funding Guidelines


Mission Statement:

Improve the lives of people in need in Vancouver’s inner city through grants and leading, sustainable social purpose investment in facilities and programs.


Geographic Scope:

Vancouver’s inner city neighbourhoods


Grant Range:

Maximum allowable grant is $30,000



Preference will be given to organizations that are registered Canadian charities with a federal charitable tax number and are a registered BC Society. Grants are provided for small capital projects including grants to support construction, renovation and equipment purchases.

We focus our capital grants on programs and initiatives that support these three areas:

Children and Youth

Central City Foundation provides capital grants to organizations that work with children and youth who are at risk or marginalized in our communities. These organizations are helping young people overcome many of the challenging conditions faced by residents and families in the downtown eastside and inner city including poverty, homelessness, food security, lack of access to education and opportunities.

Community transformation

These capital grants support programs and organizations whose mission enhances the inner city community, by providing economic opportunity or other opportunities to transition to an improved situation for those in need in the inner city. Central City Foundation invests in community transformation in our inner city by supporting outcomes-based counselling programs, community support groups and social enterprises. We focus on social enterprises that create jobs, accessible goods and services and strengthen the sustainability of the non-profit sector, all of which promotes economic growth and revitalization of local economies.


Urgent needs of people in the inner city

Central City is committed to providing capital grants to organizations that focus on the day to day needs of some of our most vulnerable neighbours in the inner city including basic shelter, food and nutrition as well as support services.


Grants will not be awarded to political organizations, for deficit financing, ongoing operating funds, staffing costs, endowment funds, general fundraising campaigns, amateur sports, conferences, workshops or seminars.

Grants are not awarded for medical equipment or computers.

Organizations may only apply to the Central City Foundation once a year.


Application Procedures

  1. Call us! Call the Foundation directly at 604-683-2263 to determine if your project meets the criteria and may qualify for a grant.
  2. Submit a Letter of Intent: If it is determined that your project meets the criteria, you will be invited to submit a Letter of Intent. The deadlines for the Letters of Intent are March 15th for the May 1st application deadline, and September 15th for the November 1st application deadline.
  3. Submit an application: Upon review of your Letter of Intent, we will ask you to submit an application if your project is deemed suitable. Application deadlines are twice a year on May 1st and November 1st. Please allow three to four weeks after the deadlines for evaluations and adjudication.

Submitted materials become the property of the Central City Foundation.

Please be advised that demands for funding exceed grant limits.

Download a pdf file of the Guidelines here.