I feel like I’m making the most meaningful contribution to my community through Central City Foundation.

I think as you grow older you come to appreciate that you can make a difference by using your skills in the right way. As a trust and estate lawyer, I often have to step in when people are in distress and often the reason for their distress is not apparent on its face.

It’s no different from what Central City Foundation does, which is try to figure out not only what appears to be the case, but what is causing the situation. I think my career in law and position as a board member parallel each other because in both positions I’m actively working to improve things.

I have a busy family with three kids and as I got older I realized how very lucky we are in terms of the support we have in our community. I had a health scare early on and there were times I needed to lean on my community desperately. This experience taught me that it does not only take a village to raise a child, but the whole village to create a community, which is the key to a happy and fulfilled life.

If you don’t have a community you are the most vulnerable and it is easy to fall through the cracks. I joined Central City Foundation because I believe that everyone is a neighbour, no matter who they are or where they live. They may be strangers but they are still my neighbours.

Central City Foundation is very unusual and unique because it is on the forefront of social purpose real estate. We own numerous building in the Lower Mainland and around BC for the purpose of not only being a landlord, but for giving back by using the buildings in a social purpose way. Without these buildings where we accept less than market value rent, many social services would not exist and more people would be living in precarious housing.

I’m a member of Central City Foundation’s property committee, which does everything from looking for new buildings to purchase or redevelopment opportunities to improve the quality of the buildings.

Being on the property committee has given me a deeper appreciation of how important it is in Vancouver to have social purpose real estate for people to either live in or engage with key services. With the Vancouver real estate market skyrocketing the way it is it is all too easy to focus on the value that can be achieved from selling or buying real estate and not the purpose to which it can be put. In our emergent community this need is becoming greater and greater.

We want to make sure that we not only provide homes to people in need, but homes that are truly welcoming. To be a valued member of the community it is not enough to have a roof over your head. It has to be a secure space that makes you feel safe and welcome in your home.

I think the work that Central City Foundation does is not necessarily as high-profile as some other charities, but in my opinion it has an incredibly meaningful impact, which is why I choose to donate to the Foundation. We often think we live in a privileged world in Vancouver, but the need is much greater than anyone will admit and it’s growing.

I feel like I’m making the most meaningful contribution to my community through Central City Foundation.

We invite you to join us and become a Central City Foundation donor today.