Central City Foundation is proud to be the co-convener of Feminists Deliver, a grassroots collaboration of British Columbia-based self-identified women and girls and the organizations that support them that have come together to host a four-day conference and trade show to take place alongside the international 2019 Women Deliver Conference taking place in Vancouver.

The 25+ organizations have come together to shed a light on the urgent issues facing marginalized communities in BC and the grassroots struggles leading the way for transformative change. As the international 2019 Women Deliver Conference is held inside the Vancouver Convention Centre, billing itself as “The world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women,” Feminists Deliver will host a four-day conference and tradeshow to highlight the local and provincial situation for girls and women.

Last fall, Central City Foundation hosted a Hope Dialogue event on Children and Youth, and the year before we hosted a dialogue on Women in the Inner City. Flowing from both these gatherings was the identification of the need to support more collaboration among non-profit organizations working with these populations. We are involved with Feminists Deliver because it is this very collaboration that is leading to this community-led idea to highlight the urgent issues for women and girls in BC.

From June 3-6, Feminists Deliver will present a progressive program at 312 Main Street featuring presentations and panel discussions by BC-based activists, scholars, and community leaders. There will also be a trade show and artisan market that will showcase the work of local social enterprises featuring art and handcrafted goods. They will also organize meetings with decision makers to advocate for systemic change for their communities.

“Feminists Deliver’s approach is intersectional, anti-oppressive, and decolonial,” says their website. “Membership of Feminists Deliver is diverse and inclusive of all people that experience marginalization on the basis of gender.”

Central City Foundation has been involved with Feminists Deliver right from the beginning, when local organizations began questioning where do local feminist organizations fit into an international conference about gender equality being held in our backyard.

For more information on Feminists Deliver, visit their website at https://feministsdeliver.com/ or sign up for the conference.