After several years of unemployment, Glenda was uncertain she would be able to follow a routine and commit to a full time training program, let alone a full time job. When she walked into HAVE Culinary Training Society and met Chef Amber Anderson, she was not only handed chef’s whites, but the opportunity to build a career.

“I had such a lifestyle I was finding it difficult to get myself on track,” says Glenda. “When I came the first day and put on my uniform, I realized that this was going to be something serious.”

Central City Foundation works to improve opportunities for employment by opening doors for people who would otherwise face barriers to working.. We support innovative skills training programs like HAVE, Tradeworks Training Society and Groundswell Education Society, and other organizations that foster employment opportunities.


HAVE, which is an acronym for Hope, Actions, Values and Ethics, is a culinary training school that prepares individuals with barriers to employment to work in the foodservice industry. While in the program learning the basics such as knife skills, students get first hand experience in the kitchen through HAVE’s attached cafe and catering service. Over 700 students have completed the program and 75 per cent have found employment in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Organizations like HAVE run on tight budgets, so capital costs like new kitchen equipment eat into operational funds, limiting their ability to serve those most in need. Central City Foundation donors provide grants to fund capital costs, so the organizations we support can continue doing the good work they do.

Central City Foundation donors recently supported HAVE by funding a new walk-in freezer, which replaced a smaller and inadequate freezer that hindered the society’s ability to store food.

“We were working with little freezers that were overloaded and breaking down. With these new freezers we are able to do more catering so we can make more money to train more students,” says Anderson. “Central City Foundation helped a lot of people find employment because of these freezers.”

For Glenda, finding a place at HAVE has made a major impact on her life. She found a passion in culinary arts, as well as the confidence to not only cook, but to teach as a HAVE instructor. She is also taking her career to the next level by earning her Red Seal Chef certification.

Central City Foundation supports HAVE Culinary Training Society

“My life changed so much by just stepping through these doors.” says Glenda. “I want the students to have the same experience I had coming to HAVE, so they feel like they have a home base and community.”