The hard working vendors who sell the Hope in Shadows calendar and Megaphone magazine on the streets of Vancouver are now sporting new uniforms, thanks to Central City Foundation. The new rain jackets, umbrellas and water-resistant messenger bags are a big asset for the vendors who work under all sorts of difficult weather conditions. Megaphone received a grant from CCF to buy the gear for their 175 vendors, who stand on busy street corners around the city selling the calendars and magazines. This gear will not only protect the vendors from the elements, but will also make it easier for the public to spot them on those grey and rainy Vancouver days.

Hope in Shadows is a community project based around a photo contest for Downtown Eastside residents and local communities. Winning images are featured in the annual calendar and sold by vendors, providing employment for people impacted by poverty. Vendors buy each calendar for $10 and sell them for $20. The money from the sales transaction goes directly to the vendor.

Megaphone Megaphone is an award-winning magazine sold on the streets of Vancouver by homeless and low-income vendors. Published by the non-profit Street Corner Media Foundation, vendors buy each issue for 75 cents and sell them on the street for $2. They keep all profits. The magazine is published every two weeks.

Look for a vendor near you with the Central City Foundation logo on his official gear and pick up a magazine and calendar.

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