Community Reports and Study Guides

Are we doing everything we can to keep families in BC together?

Our 2019 community report shows that parents in BC need community-led supports to prevent losing custody of their children or to reunite families. Central City Foundation conducted in-depth interviews with 24 leaders of community service organizations in the inner city. The resulting community report details some of the long-term implications of removing kids from their families, and discusses how our child welfare system isn’t helping families. Learn how community-led solutions, like some run by our community partners, are making a difference and can lead the way to help us understand how to work with communities to create lasting solutions.

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Where others won’t invest, we will

Our 2018 update on our support of community-led solutions for the inner city reviews the many ways our donors have helped fund housing, space for health clinics, addictions treatment, employment training and many other programs. Some highlights include a major investments in inner city housing, investments to leverage our social purpose real estate and continued support for young people being treated for addiction. This year we also introduced our Hope Dialogue Series, a forum to explore issues and challenges faced by those in the inner city and imagine new and innovative solutions that improve lives.

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On the front lines of the opioid crisis

Life-saving staff and volunteers at front line community organizations are experiencing high levels of stress, trauma and burnout from the deadly opioid crisis. Our 2017 community report shows that more support is needed from other foundations, government and the broader community to begin solving the crisis. Central City Foundation conducted in-depth interviews in 2017 with 29 leaders of essential community service organizations in the inner city. All reported that the opioid epidemic is straining their operations, their staff and their clients.

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Investing in social purpose real estate yields big financial and social returns

Our 2015 community report shows how investing in social purpose real estate can be tangibly measured, and that such investments can yield significant returns for investors. Putting a dollar value on doing good things for community illustrates how Social Return on Investment (SROI) can be measured and how mission-based investing can yield significant financial and social return. Our community report shows that for every dollar spent, Central City Foundation creates $3.90 in social benefits.

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Unaffordable Spaces: how rising real estate prices are squeezing non-profit organizations

Our 2013 community report shows how Vancouver’s skyrocketing real estate prices have major implications for the inner city communities and the non-profit organizations that serve them. Central City Foundation undertook this community report to present information that will help increase dialogue about how all of us – funders, government, non-profits, donors and all neighbours – can address issues and work together to build a community in which people are safe, fed and adequately sheltered, well-educated, employed, healthy and empowered to participate in the decisions that affect their lives.

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