Community report shows that investing in social purpose real estate yields big financial and social returns

CCF-Community-Report-2015Our 2015 community report shows how investing in social purpose real estate can be tangibly measured, and that such investments can yield significant returns for investors. Putting a dollar value on doing good things for community illustrates how Social Return on Investment (SROI) can be measured and how mission-based investing can yield significant financial and social return.

Download the full report by clicking here.

“We invest more than 40% of our capital directly in our mission – much more than most foundations — through social purpose real estate and grants to community partners, and believe that our investment model can stand as an example to others,” says Jennifer Johnstone, President and CEO of Central City Foundation. “We commissioned a report to measure the Social Return on Investment of our foundation, the first analysis of SROI of social purpose real estate in Canada, and have proven that our model works, that investors and communities can see a tangible return when significant investments are made in social purpose real estate.”

The community report shows that for every dollar spent, CCF creates $3.90 in social benefits. The overall social return on capital investment in social purpose real estate is 18 per cent, with $2.4 to $3.4 million in direct community value created each year, and $4 to $11 million in indirect community value created each year.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a way of measuring the value of the benefit society derives from social outcomes of an activity or an organization, by putting a dollar value on the economic impacts of its actions. More than just counting how many people have been served through a program, SROI goes further to capture the external economic impact of outcomes that a service facilitates. The SROI report on Central City Foundation was completed by Urban Matters, and their findings form the basis of this community report.

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