CHANGE CAN HAPPEN. EPISODE #4: Helping inner city youth find a sense of belonging

There are a surprising number of youth in the lower mainland who are growing up on the streets due to a range of complex reasons. Many of these young people face significant challenges. Fortunately, there are community-led organizations that believe in the potential and value of every individual youth.

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Community leadership comes in many forms and often goes unrecognized. That’s why Central City Foundation’s 2021 annual fundraising campaign celebrates some of the amazing people we work with who demonstrate the qualities and practices that ensure Change Can Happen in our community. Yes, Change Can Happen.

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Change Can Happen. Profiles in Community Leadership

Leadership comes in many forms and often goes unrecognized in our community. That’s why Central City Foundation is celebrating eight examples of extraordinary community leadership. As part of this celebration, we have asked each of our profiled leaders to share with us their thoughts on leadership, community, and their relationship with Central City Foundation.

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See how your donations are building a more inclusive, resilient community through the investment in community-led solutions that help people in the inner city improve their lives.