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We are funders, investors and builders with a passion for sustainable, timely solutions for our neighbours in need.

Social Purpose Realestate | Central City Foundation Social Return on Investment

Measuring our impact proves we’re making a difference.

Central City Foundation’s innovative model creates exponential value beyond traditional foundation funding.

By investing our core capital in social purpose real estate (SPRE), we amplify your impact and create lasting change in our community.



40% of our capital is invested in social purpose real estate.

For every $1 spent, we create $3.90 in social benefit.


We have an 18% Social Return on Capital Investment (SROI).

We create $15M in community value each year from SPRE.

Together Neighbours Build Hope

We bring together neighbours and resources to transform our communities and help them thrive.

Creating a buzz with social enterprise

We invest in community-led initiatives that help people in the inner city improve their lives. Hives for Humanity, for example, is a unique organization that uses beekeeping to help people facing barriers to employment. By working with organizations such as Atira,...

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Since 1907, Central City Foundation has been an intrinsic part of our city.

Your donation will help your neighbours today and create a legacy in our community that supports generations to come.