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Carla Shore
C-Shore Communications Inc.
E: media@centralcityfoundation.ca
P: 604-329-0975

Media Resources:

Central City Foundation has many photos and b-roll video of our partner organizations putting our grant money to good use and from our annual Fair in the Square celebration. To obtain footage or photos for your stories, contact us at media@centralcityfoundation.ca.

Photo of Jennifer Johnstone, President and CEO
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Recent News Releases:

New directors join Central City Foundation board of directors

Central City Foundation, a Vancouver-based foundation that has been helping neighbours build hope in the inner city for more than a hundred years, is pleased to welcome three new directors to its board. Joining the board of directors are: Samuel Jang of RBC Dominion...

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Central City Foundation has been featured in:

2020 Media Coverage
    2019 Media Coverage
    • (Business in Vancouver, December 3, 2019) "For the Record" (link)
    • (CBC Radio BC Today, December 2, 2019) "Giving Tuesday" [interview with Jennifer Johnstone starts at 39:30] (link)
    • (The Province, November 30, 2019) "Fred Lee's Social Network: Giving Hearts Awards luncheon honours philanthropists" (link)
    • (Vancouver Sun, October 28, 2019) "Dugout has been providing food, comfort and a warm place to play board games or watch TV for over half a century" (link) [Also appeared in The Province]
    • (Sing Tao Newspaper, May 27, 2019) "2,500 people in Victory Square gather together for the production of thousands of cup cakes" (link)
    • (Vancouver Sun and The Province, May 24, 2019) "Fair in the Square" (link)
    • (The Discovery Group, May 22, 2019) "Transforming Communities Through Listening and Engagement with Jennifer Johnstone" (link)
    • (Scout Magazine, May 22, 2019) "The Scout List" (link)
    • (Vancouver's Best Places, May 15, 2019) "Vancouver Fair in the Square" (link)
    • (Georgia Straight, May 9, 2019) "Fair in the Square" (link)
    • (Globalnews.ca, May 9, 2019) "Fair in the Square" (link)
    • (604Now.com, May 9, 2019) "Fair in the Square Vancouver 2019" (link)
    • (Vancity.com, May 9, 2019) "Fair in the Square" (link)
    • (Deetken Impact blog, April 29, 2019) "Canadian foundations gear up for greater impact" (link)
    • (Vancouver Sun, February 5, 2019) "Vancouver drug users host community talk about overdose crisis" (link)  [Also appeared in The Province]
    • (Megaphone, February 5, 2019) "PHOTO OPP: Drug users take stage downtown for real talk on addiction, overdose, and more" (link)
    • (Megaphone, January 18, 2019) "Drug users launch speakers bureau targeting organizations, businesses, and educators" (link)
    • (Vancouver Sun, January 12, 2019) "'The poverty children face is often hidden from us,' say agencies helping the 20 per cent of B.C. kids who are poor" (link) [Also appeared in The Province, Branftord Expositor, Stratford Beacon Herald, St. Thomas Times-Journal, Belleville Community Press]
    2018 Media Coverage
    • (Megaphone Magazine, December 3, 2018) "Feeling the burn: The Frontline Fight Club is using boxing to battle drug crisis trauma" (link)
    • (The Province, October 10, 2018) "Jennifer Johnstone: More help needed for workers on the front line of the opioid crisis" (link)
    • (Today's Senior Newsmagazine, August 2018) "Ashnola at the Crossing in Keremeos" (link)
    • (space4community, June 27, 2018) "How do you measure the impact of social purpose real estate?" (link)
    • (Castanet, June 22, 2018) "Rehab centre pays dividends" (link
    • (Penticton Western News, June 22, 2018) "Youth addiction centre near Keremeos celebrates one year" (link)
    • (Keremeos Review, June 22, 2018) "Youth addiction centre near Keremeos celebrates one year" (link)
    • (BCMHSUS, June 22, 2018) "Youth and young adults benefit from provincial substance use treatment program" (link)
    • (Keremeos Review, March 15, 2018) "Housing crunch impacts staffing levels at provincial addiction centre near Keremeos" (link)
    • (Megaphone Magazine, February 19, 2018) "Severe burnout: How the overdose crisis is impacting front line workers" (link)
    2017 Media Coverage
    • (Global News, Dec 18, 2017) ‘We’re going to have to do more,’ says health minister of opioid crisis burnout (link)
    • (CBC, Dec 11, 2017) Frontline workers dealing with opioid crisis face unprecedented burnout (link)
    • (Roundhouse Radio, Dec 11, 2017) Opioid crisis bringing new strain to front-line community workers, says report (link)
    • (Business in Vancouver, October 24, 2017) “For the Record: Central City Foundation welcomes new directors” (link)
    • (Georgia Straight, October 10, 2017) “Green Living: Binners advocate for refund-deposit system on disposable coffee cups to help curb waste” (link)
    • (BCMHSUS, August 31, 2017) “It’s never too late to turn your life around – Ashnola client shares his story” (link)
    • (Darpan Magazine, June 9, 2017) “Community Comes Together in Response to the Fentanyl Crisis in Vancouver” (link)
    • (CBC TV Vancouver, May 28, 2017) “Fair in the Square” (link)
    • (Jack FM, May 28, 2017) “Check out Central City Foundation’s 11th annual Fair in the Square” (link)
    • (Roundhouse Radio, May 27, 2017) “Victory Square Fair BBQing lunch for community during challenging times in the Downtown Eastside” (link)
    • (Scout Magazine, May 24, 2017) “Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week – Fair in the Square” (link)
    • (CTV Vancouver, May 12, 2017) “Hope starts here” [campaign for BC Women’s Hospital, CCF CEO presents cheque] (link – starts at 32:00 in playback)
    • (Global TV, April 5, 2017) “Youth residential treatment centre for substance abuse reopens in Keremeos” (link)
    • (Penticton Western News, April 5, 2017) “Residential treatment program re-opens in Keremeos” (link)
    • (BC Government News, April 4, 2017) “Ashnola at The Crossing open for youth seeking treatment” (link)
    • (CBC Radio The Doc Project, April 3, 2017) “The unlikely fix: treating heroin addiction with heroin” [This documentary is about the Crosstown Clinic, housed at CCF’s Abbot Mansion building with rent highly subsidized by CCF donors] (link)
    2016 Media Coverage
    • (Vancouver Sun, December 21, 2016) “B.C.’s high cost of living cuts into charitable giving, new report finds, but hasn’t reduced volunteerism” (link)
    • (White Wolf Pack blog, November 18, 2016) “B.C. Women’s Hospital opens an Indigenous Outdoor Sacred Healing Space” (link)
    • (CBC News, September 26, 2016) “Number of drug treatment beds for youth down 25% despite fentanyl crisis” (link)
    • (Castanet, September 20, 2016) “Providing drug treatment” The Pacific Community Resources Society has been selected to provide the new provincial program reopening at The Crossing in Keremeos. (link)
    • (CBC Television, May 30, 2016) CBC News Vancouver Sunday – Fair in the Square (linkstarts at about 12:15 in playback)
    • (Roundhouse Radio, May 24, 2016) Fair in the Square (link)
    • (VanCity Buzz, May 19, 2016) “10th annual Fair in the Square (link)
    • (Osoyoos Times, May 11, 2016) “Regional Briefs: Program for young substance abusers to re-open in Keremeos next year” (link)
    • (Penticton Western News, May 6, 2016) “Province announces reopening of Keremeos addiction treatment centre” (link)
    • (Keremeos Review, May 4, 2016) “Province announces reopening of Keremeos addiction treatment centre” (link)
    • (InfoNews.ca, May 4, 2016) “Youth treatment facility to reopen near Keremeos: (link)
    • (Kelowna Now, May 4, 2016) “Substance use treatment program opening in Keremeos” (link)
    • (Global News, May 4, 2016) “Keremeos treatment facility to re-open in 2017” (link)
    • (Penticton Herald, May 4, 2016) “Youth substance-abuse treatment centre to reopen near Keremeos: (link)
    • (Oliver Daily News, May 4, 2016) “Provincial treatment program for youth substance use issues to reopen in Keremeos” (link)
    • (BC Government News, May 4, 2016) “Provincial treatment program for youth substance use issues to reopen in Keremeos” (link)
    • (Globe and Mail, May 3, 2016) “B.C. to reopen Keremeos treatment centre for youth” (link)
    • (Roundhouse Radio 98.3, April 8, 2016) “Impact  Foundations Panel” (link)
    2015 Media Coverage
    • (Roundhouse Radio 98.3, November 10, 2015) “Impact – Central City Foundation” (link)
    • (InfoNews.ca, November 4, 2015) “Similkameen youth treatment facility continues to languish” (link)
    • (Vancouver Sun, November 2, 2015) “B.C. report puts economic value on social services in residential buildings” (link)
    • (Vernon News, June 26, 2015) “Central City Foundation continues to seek new operator for The Crossing” (link)
    • (City Spaces, June 10, 2015) “Social Purpose Real Estate: The Movement of Social Impact” (link)
    • (Vancouver Magazine, June 5, 2015) “Affordable Housing in Vancouver: The Nonprofit Angle” (link)
    • (Business in Vancouver, June 2, 2015) “Real estate finds its social purpose in Metro Vancouver” (link)
    • (Vancouver Courier, June 2, 2015) “Central City Foundation shares the wealth” (link)
    • (Vancouver Observer, June 1, 2015) “Party with a purpose at Victory Square” (link)
    • (Georgia Straight, May 30, 2015) “18 things to do in Metro Vancouver on Sunday, May 31” (link)
    • (Vancouver Courier, May 28, 2015) “Calendar” (link)
    • (30 Day Adventures, May 28, 2015) “What To Do Sunday May 31st, It’s Fair In The Square” (link)
    • (Globe and Mail, May 27, 2015) “The Scout List” (link)
    • (Scout Magazine, May 26, 2015) “SCOUT LIST Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week” (link)
    • (Vancity Buzz, May 26, 2015) “Fair in the Square 2015” (link)
    • (Vancouver Sun, May 14, 2015) “Daphne Bramham: Too much talk, not enough action on addiction treatment for kids” (link)
    • (Pentiction Western News, May 7, 2015) “Lease cancelled for addiction facility” (link)
    • (Miss 604, April 30, 2015) “May Events in Metro Vancouver” (link)
    • (Global BC Okanagan, March 26, 2015) “Former rehab centre client rallies to save facility” (link)
    • (CBC News, March 16, 2015) “Keremeos youth treatment centre closure leaves gap” (link)
    • (Castanet, March 12, 2015) “Rehab closure leaves gap” (link)
    • (Kelowna Daily Courier, March 11, 2015) “Keremeos treatment centre for troubled youth shuts down” (link)
    • (Kelowna Now, March 11, 2015) “Internal Problems Close Okanagan Youth Treatment Centre” (link)
    • (Vernon News, March 11, 2015) “CROSSING CLOSURE: Licensing issues at the heart of shutdown, ministry says” (link)
    • (Vernon News, March 10, 2015) “Many questions in Keremeos over quiet closure of The Crossing” (link)
    • (Vernon News, March 9, 2015) “Addicted youth suffer from lack of treatment facilities” (link)
    • (Global BC Okanagan, March 9, 2015) ‘The Crossing in Keremeos reaches a cross road” (link)
    • (Vernon News, March 6, 2015) “Layoffs announced as Keremeos youth treatment centre closes doors” (link)
    2013 Media Coverage
    • (Business in Vancouver, December 24, 2013) “Non-profits feel pinch of rising property values and rents” (link)
    • (Gastown.org, January 3, 2014) “7 Ways to Give Back in the New Year” (link)
    • (Globe and Mail, December 3, 2013) “Vancouver non-profits caught in rent squeeze” (link)
    • (News 1130, December 3, 2013) “Sky-rocketing real estate prices hurting non-profits: report” (link)
    • (Vancouver Sun, December 3, 2013) Jennifer Johnstone’s op-ed article about our community report, “Finding space challenging for ‘helping’ organizations” (link)
    • (Daily Commercial News, December 3, 2013) “Rising Real Estate Prices Are Squeezing Vancouver Non-Profits and the People They Help, Says Report from Central City Foundation” (link)
    • CTV News coverage of new wet weather gear courtesy of CCF donors for Megaphone and Hope in Shadows vendors. (link)
    • (Ming Pao Newspaper) Coverage of the 2013 Fair in the Square.View PDF.
    • (Sing Tao Newspaper) Coverage of the 2013 Fair in the Square.View PDF.
    • (World Journal) Coverage of the 2013 Fair in the Squarewith photos.
    • (Fairchild TV) Coverage of the 2013 Fair in the Squarein Chinese.
    • (Sounding Board/Business in Vancouver) CEO Jennifer Johnstone’s op-ed article about how the Central City Foundation is working to address a critical gap in services across BC by building and funding Portage Keremeos at the Crossing. The Need to Invest in Drug Treatment Programs
    • (Sing Tao Newspaper) Coverage of Central City’s marking of International Women’s Day 2013 by celebrating by celebrating improvements to safe access to health and wellness for women in the inner city. View PDF.
    2014 Media Coverage
    • (Hello Vancity, September 16, 2014) “What kind of neighbour are you? #ImaNeighbour” (link)
    • (Vancouver Sun, September 12, 2014) “What kind of a neighbour are you?” (link)
    • (Vancouver Sun, June 2, 2014) “Photos: Gastown’s Fair in the Square” (link)
    • (Ming Pao, June 2, 2014) Coverage of Fair in the Square 2014 (View PDF)
    • (The Province, June 2, 2014) “Photos: The annual Fair in the Square” (link)
    • (News 1130, June 2, 2014) “Community cruising the weekend of May 31 and June 1″ (link)
    • (Ottawa Citizen, June 1, 2014) “Photos: Gastown’s Fair in the Square” (link)
    • (Montreal Gazette, June 1, 2014) “Kids from Project Limelight perform during Fair in the Square at Victory Square” (link);  “Cold Water Road performs during Fair in the Square” (link)
    • (Inside Vancouver, May 29, 2014) “Things to do in Vancouver this weekend” (link)
    • (Westender, May 28, 2014) “Fair in the Square transforms Victory Square into a neighbourhood block party” (link)
    • (Scout Magazine, May 27, 2014) “SCOUT LIST | Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week” (link)
    • (Metro Newspaper Vancouver May 15, 2014) “Vancouver man Howard Martin donates $27M — two decades after his death” (link)
    • (Vancouver Sun, May 15, 2014) “West Vancouver man gives $27 million to four organizations” (link)
    • (Business in Vancouver, January 14, 2014) “Non-profits increasingly pressed for space in Surrey” (link)
    2012 and older Media Coverage

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